When you retired and decided to take your company or personal pension you will have, most likely, received a cash lump sum from your pension ‘pot’ with the remainder being used to buy an annuity to provide you with an income for the rest of your life.  But is your pension income high enough and should you be getting more?


As with all decisions about your finances the decision to take your pension is a big one and can be complicated. Many people aren’t aware of the many choices that can be made at retirement and don’t know that there are any options at all. This is why when you come to retire it is very important to get independent financial advice about your pension.


Your income could be 50% LESS than it should be.


Did you shop around for your pension?


Are you, or were you, a smoker when you retired?


Did you suffer from any illnesses such as diabetes or asthma?


Does your family have a history of suffering from any health issues?


If you have answered YES to any of the questions above your income could be increased by as much as 50% FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE and you could receive a payment of the income you have been missing out on as a cash lump sum.


When you retired if you just took the pension that your provider offered you and didn’t shop around then you could be receiving a much lower pension income than you are actually entitled to.


If you want to check if you are receiving the MAXIMUM income, you should complete the QUICK CLAIM form across and ask Claim 2 Gain to review your pension arrangements as soon as possible.


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