No Cold Calling thanks


No one likes cold calls and many people have gone to great lengths to try and stop cold callers from contacting them but what do you do when they just ignore the rules?


There are guidelines on who can and who cant be contacted out of the blue on the telephone to try and sell you something.  You can ask for your number not to be included in the phone book, you can register with the Telephone Preference Service and you should therefore no longer recieve any annoying cold calls.  However a recent BBC investigation has highlighted that some companies simply ignore the rules and will phone any number they can get their hands on.


This is extremely annoying for anyone, but as a Claims Management Company dealing with complaints against the mis-selling of financial products, including PPI, this is a very damaging issue for our business.  All Claims Management Companies must be regulated to conduct claims management activities by the Ministry of Justice and abide by their strict code of conduct.  One of the rules of the code of conduct is that claims companies MUST NOT contact any potential customer without their consent – i.e they MUST NOT cold call.  Claim 2 Gain has never and will never cold call any clients, we do not employ or use the services of any other company that cold calls.  However we get tarred with the same brush as those companies that continually flout these rules and continue to cold call customers.


Many of the staff at our offices, including our own Managing Director, have in fact been cold called by rival companies telling them they have a potential claim, so we know how annoying and disruptive these calls are.  Not only have our staff got these calls on their personal phones we continue to get recorded messages and cold calls on our mainline office number!  


if you are receiving or have received a cold call from a Claims Management Company please be assured this has not originated and is not associated with Claim 2 Gain in anyway.  If you ever recieve a cold call, firstly make sure you get the company name and then tell them you are reporting them to the Ministry of Justice as they are breaching their regulators guidelines and then make sure you contact the Ministry of Justice and report them as soon as possible.


The more reports the Ministry of Justice get about cold calling the better the case they have against the company and the quicker they can take action against them.  If calls don’t get reported, they cant get stopped.  Don’t get angry with cold callers, get even – get them stopped.

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